Welcome to Clay Cammack Photography.  We specialize in performing arts photography but also excel in real estate photography, commercial product photography and head shots.


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I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona with a father who loved to photograph landscapes.  We would often compare pictures after outings.  It was a lot of fun and a great foundation for my photography.


As I grew older I also became interested in theatre.  I studied theatre education in college and now often work with local community theatres.  Theatre helped me understand the value of strong, dramatic lighting in my nature photography.  I believe this flare for drama has influenced my vision as a photographic artist.  I feel that photography, as theatre does, can tell great stories.  They can teach us about the world around us, allow us to experience and go places we otherwise would not have been able to.


I believe to help me tell those stories I like to create photographs with high drama.  I use high contrast frequently, find the unusual angle, and find scenes with emotional dichotomy.  


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